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    Loss prevention solution for self-checkout and Scan & Go!
    Source:Promatic | Author:Promatic | Publish time: 2019-12-05 | 2939 Views | Share:
    self-checkout, EAS barrier gate, 3D AM EAS deativator, EAS turnstile

    Retial is changing ,so is the technology. Thinking about the pain point of Scan &go, Promatic launched a serials of loss prevention checkout products, which have functions such as code scanning, printing, weighing, EAS 3D deactivator, face recognition, etc., while supporting WeChat payment, Alipay, cloud flash payment and face recognition Payment and mobile payment methods. The weighing audit function can prevent theft of customers, such as smuggling goods, impersonating high-priced products with bar code of low-priced products, and a high-performance EAS 3D deactivator function. Only after confirming that the weight of the goods purchased by the customer is correct during the verification, it is authorized to deactivate the EAS label to ensure that the goods in the shopping bag are no longer working.

    Promatic first patented  EAS intelligent barrier Gate in the industry, integrating EAS detection, code/face recognition verification and other functions. The customer scans the "exit code" at the exit passage by himself or through face recognition. After the EAS detection confirms that he does not have an EAS anti-theft tag, the gate is automatically opened. The application of the EAS intelligent barrier gate can reduce the cashier audit staff of the store on the one hand, and more importantly, improve the efficiency and always maintain a good shopping experience.