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    Promatic AM EAS 3D Intelligent Deactivator for New Retail
    Source:Promatic | Author:Promatic | Publish time: 2019-08-16 | 2943 Views | Share:
    AM EAS 3D Intelligent Deactivator

    Customer comes to the store/supermarket, picks the goods, scans the QR code to finish payment and then leaves. App self-help purchase, Scan & Go, Self-checkout, cashier-free supermarket etc., these new retail styles have emerged and expanded. They are like growing engines for the retail industry. A no-cashier-involved process indeed improves the shopping experience, but how about the merchants?

    -- Some customers just do not scan or scan less products than actually purchase X

    -- Customers deliberately scan lower-priced goods X

    -- The EAS alarm is easily caused by the un-deactivated label when the customer self-checkout X

    -- Customers can intentionally operate deactivation on unpaid items and take away X

    -- Manual verification Increases, but this influences customer shopping experience 

    Solution from Promatic: AM EAS 3D Intelligent Deactivator

    Applies with AM/RF EAS anti-theft system;

    EAS deactivator plus Weight Audit;

    3D decoding space, makes deactivation fast, easy and efficiency;

    Combines controlled deactivation with payment confirmed.

    PD993  is an AM EAS intelligent barrel deactivator specially designed for the product to anti-theft for new retail (
    App self-help purchase, Scan & Go, Self-checkout, Cashier-free supermarket).
    It has a large deactivating range, automatic deactivated when sensing EAS labels, or control deactivate by cash register/payment code.
    The extended model (PD993RS) also features a weight-matching function, which effectively avoids the loss of merchandise during the self-checkout process.

    AM EAS 3D Intelligent Deactivator