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    For clothing stores
    Source: | Author:promatic2018au | Publish time: 2019-06-14 | 3193 Views | Share:

    Clothing Store Solutions

    Multiple Anti-shoplifting Solutions for Garment Store

    First Layer: Electronic Article Surveillance

    Labelling Merchandise

    The Merchandise will be detected by EAS pedestals installed at exit to reduce the loss by theft.


    Second Layer: Wireless Alarm Receiving System

     The wireless alarm receiving watch worn by shop assistant can show alarm number.

    When the shop assistants serve the customer, they also can deal with the alarm from EAS systems. No require for security man standing beside the EAS systems, which increases the loss prevention efficiency. 


     Third Layer: Login Internet, Enjoy the Remote Online Service Provided by Promatic

     When you need maintenance, through starting the special software installed in computer in the store to connect to the Promatic online service centre via internet, you can have the remote online service.

    Besides, you also can get free online firmware upgrading service for the EAS systems. (Notice: only available for the products with this function)


    Fourth Layer: Promatic Chain Retail Security Management System LPMS?-Web

     Integrate digital video surveillance, including IP camera, DVR, NVR

    Headquarters can achieve centralized management of various kinds of exceptional event for each chain store, which decreases the human cost and achieves high efficiency loss prevention and risk management

    Cashier audit, exceptional event management, reduce the internal theft

    Alarm event video examination and retrieval

    Statistical form for exceptional event

    Movable inquiry