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    Procat 24H Smart convenience store solution
    Source:Promaticgroup | Author:Promatic | Publish time: 2020-09-28 | 1453 Views | Share:
    Adopting a 24-hour smart convenience store operation model of " Manned mode during the day + Unattended night mode " not only increased night sales revenue, but also reduced labor costs, and maintained the brand value of 24H convenience stores.

    Adopting a 24-hour smart convenience store operation model of " Manned mode during the day + Unattended night mode " not only increased night sales revenue, but also reduced labor costs, and maintained the brand value of 24H convenience stores.

    Affordable and effective anti-theft facility with rapid deployment, and efficient operation and maintenance for smart convenience stores



    Manned mode during the day: maintain the existing method unchanged

    Unattended night mode: "Unmanned supermarket" mode

    Two modes, "one key switch"

    Mature technology, reliable, easy to use
    Affordable smart infrastructure, rapid deployment and landing
    Affordable costs, effectively reducing the loss of merchandise theft
    One-to-many high-efficiency remote online operation and maintenance service
    Personalized quick customization
    Cloud POS software that pays by transaction turnover

    1、Face recognition system

    Check whether the customers body temperature is less than 37.2 and whether the mask is worn correctly? If the body temperature exceeds the standard or does not wear a mask, the system will issue voice prompts such as "Abnormal body temperature", "Please wear a mask", and cooperate with the smart door control to keep the entrance door closed. To ensure that the “unmanned supermarket” is met for the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic;Through the face recognition system, automatic face recognition of customers entering the store, distinguishing between members and non-members.

    2、Intelligent network access control system

    Can be connected to face recognition equipment, EAS detection equipment, entrance and exit electric control doors, video surveillance equipment, broadcasting equipment, etc.

    Real-time monitoring of the status of each entry and exit, and automatic effective treatment under abnormal conditions

    Various functions of intelligent network access control can be flexibly configured according to the user's shopping process and specific settings of exit and entrance.

    When customers need help, they can make visual calls and remotely open doors with the "24H Smart Convenience Store" operation and maintenance center;

    Provide customers with a "safe and friendly" shopping experience under unattended night mode."One-key switch" from the manned mode during the day to the unattended mode at night.

    3、Non-contact self-service cash register system

    Integrated non-contact self-service cash register or cash register with anti-theft function.

    4、Smart commodity anti-theft system

    AM EAS sound and magnetic anti-theft technology that can be applied to various products, including metal can products

    EAS tags are cheap to use and are used to protect products with high theft rate.

    5、Weight sensing system

    The system automatically records the total weight information data when the customer enters and exits the store, and checks it with the weight information of the goods purchased by the customer.

    6、EAS Smart Barrier Gate 

    In smart convenience stores such as shopping malls, station waiting halls, airport waiting halls, and building lobbies, in the daytime manned mode, you can choose to open the EAS smart barrier as the customer's entrance and exit channel; in the unattended mode at night, then Use automatic doors as the entrance and exit of customers.

    7、Store smart device system software

    The system management software and open data interface of the above-mentioned smart devices help "unmanned supermarket" operators or system integrators to quickly develop and deploy.

    8、Open data interface for IoT cloud operation and maintenance of smart devices in stores

    Provide 24-hour smart convenience store operators with open data interfaces for remote operation and maintenance of smart devices in stores to achieve more efficient remote customer online help services

    9、Excellent third-party cloud Pos and mobile payment solutions

    Users can choose the POS operating system software of Proma's partners to provide many application scenarios and solutions such as online and offline integration, store and home business integration, bank financial support, etc.